Brookmans Park WEA 2014/2015 Courses

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Preliminary details are now available for the courses planned for 2014/2015.

As usual, these will be held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings in the United Reformed Church, Brookmans Park.

We are delighted to present a varied programme of courses for the coming session.

Autumn Term 2014

Very English Jews
The name ’Rothschild’ is synonymous with great wealth, and consequently with great influence. This course will look at the world of the Rothschilds and their place in 19th century England.
Tuesdays: 10 weeks commencing 23 September 2014:
Tutor:Irene Jacobson

(More) Writers and their Diaries
Writers are often most revelatory of their lives in diaries and letters. This course will consider personal writings from the 19th and 20th centuries, providing insights into authors’ personalities, and throwing light on the times in which they lived.
Thursdays: 10 weeks commencing 25 September 2014:
Tutor: Michael King

Spring Term 2015

History of Medicine
This course will explore the history of medicine from pre-historic times up to the development of modern medicines, the Human Genome Project, and non-invasive scanning techniques such as ultrasound and MRI.
Tuesdays: 10 weeks commencing Tuesday 6 January 2015:
Tutor: Christopher Woolston

English and American Short Stories Pt 1
The short story as an art form can be found as long ago as Aesop’s fables and the tales of Boccaccio and Chaucer. We will look at the history of the short story in English and examine British and American stories from the 19th century up to the present day, exploring background, themes and styles.
Thursdays: 10 weeks commencing Thursday 8 January 2015:
Tutor: Janet Berenson