Brookmans Park WEA 2013/2014 Courses

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Preliminary details are now available for the courses planned for 2013/2014.

As usual, these will be held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings in the United Reformed Church, Brookmans Park. Each session will last 2 hours, with a break for coffee.

We are delighted to present a varied programme of courses for the coming session.

In the Autumn Term,we are pleased to welcome Heather Pascall on Tuesdays as our tutor - the subject being London and the Slave Trade.

On Thursdays, Michael King will return as tutor, and to lead our discussion on Writers in their Diaries and Letters.

In the Spring Term, on Tuesdays, Chris Woolston will be introducing us to Geology following his very successful course on the History of Science. Thursdays again will be in the field of literature with Janet Berenson as tutor on The Immigrant in Literature.

Autumn Term 2013

London and the Slave Trade
Tuesdays: 10 weeks commencing 24 September 2013:
Tutor: Heather Pascall

In this course we will examine the impact of the triangular slave trade on commerce dating from the Tudor period, including how profits from the slave trade contributed to the political, economic and social development of London, the impact of absentee plantation owners and the abolition movement.

Writers and their Diaries
Thursdays: 10 weeks commencing 26 September 2013:
Tutor: Michael King

Many writers have kept diaries and all wrote letters. We will explore some of these more personal writings across the past 500 years

Spring Term 2014

Introduction to Geology
Tuesdays: 10 weeks commencing Tuesday 7 January 2014: Tutor: Christopher Woolston

Explore how the Earth formed and has changed throughout geological time. We will learn how to identify some of the commoner rocks, fossils and minerals.

The Immigrant in Literature
Thursdays: 10 weeks commencing Thursday 16 January 2014: Tutor: Janet Berenson

Immigrants bring much more than their baggage and language when they come to a new country. We will examine poetry, prose and extracts of novels and films by and about immigrants to explore the perspective of both newcomer and host.