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Brookmans Park WEA 2019/2020 Courses

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Details are now available for the varied programme of courses planned for 2019/2020.

As usual, these will be held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings in the United Reformed Church, Brookmans Park. Each session will last for 2 hours, with a break for coffee.

Autumn Term 2019

English gardens in the 18th century

At the beginning of the eighteenth century the formal garden, with its straight canals and long vistas, was dominant. We shall find out how gardens such as those at Chiswick House and the great garden at Stowe became less formal. We will look at the work of William Kent and how the landscape garden evolved, leading towards Capability Brown, the most famous of the garden designers of the later eighteenth century.

Tuesdays: 10 weeks commencing 24 September 2019:
Tutor: Madeline Edmead
The fee for the 10 week course is £78

Ten London Houses

We welcome back Adam Smith, who will be selecting ten London houses and looking at their owners, architecture, and place in history

Thursdays: 10 weeks commencing 26 September 2019:
Tutor: Adam Smith

Fee: £78

Spring Term 2020

Film Appreciation

We are pleased to welcome Mike Griffiths - a tutor new to Brookmans Park branch. He will be introducing us to the world of film, covering such areas as the history of early film making, music and sound in film, methods of film production as well as looking at the various film genres.

Tuesdays: 10 weeks commencing 7 January 2020:
Tutor: Mike Griffiths
NB The starting time for this course is 10.30am

Fee: £ 77

French Impressionists and Post-impressionism

We look forward to the return of Rosanna Eckersley Together with whom we shall be exploring the work of artists such as Monet, van Gogh, Gaugin, Mary Cassatt, and Berthe Morisot, as well as lesser known artists from Australia and Peru

Thursdays: 8 weeks commencing Thursday 9 January 2020:
Tutor:Rosanna Eckersley

NB The starting time for this course is 10.30am

Fee: £79